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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  February 24, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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and a transcript. lopez says while crying, this happened yesterday. and this is the second time this is happening. she goes on saying she wants to work on her marriage with ross mirkarimi but that she wanted to document the bruises just in case he wants to take theo away from me. the d.a. released the photos in a counter move to defense attorneys wanting to throw evidence out. he says the domestic battery case against him has not distracted his job as sheriff. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: mirkarimi has filed a new motion in hopes of discrediting and eliminating another potential prosecution witness. ex-girlfriend christina flores recently surfaced saying he bruised her arm during the relationship four years ago. in court files, mirkarimi paints a different picture of flores as a woman scorned who
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desperately wanted to continue their relationship. he claims when he was breaking off with her, she emailed nude photos of herself and tried to convince him they were a couple in love. by then he was dating eliana lopez, who was pregnant with their son. mirkarimi has visitation rights with his child but miss still stay away from lopez. he has been living with friends including former san francisco mayor art agnos. >> he does come over on the weekends sometimes with theo when it's nap time. so theo naps with us. >> reporter: how is he? >> he's a delightful boy and very happy to be with his father. >> reporter: on monday, the judge will hear arguments on all of those motions we just talk about. he is hopeful, liz that they will start jury selection next week. >> now, linda, we have access to these photos but were they shown in court today? >> reporter: no. they were not. they will show the video, the entire video with the audio of eliana lopez in those hearings
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on monday. >> all right. linda yee, thank you. new at 5:00, tonight oakland police are looking for one of two gunmen who opened fire on a group of people on holly street near 98th around noon. police say a few people were standing in a driveway when the gunman started shooting. no one was hurt. police arrested one person a short time later. they found a gun in a nearby yard. and today oakland police said they are moving in the right direction of -- in the direction of calling the death of an elderly man a homicide. the body of 78-year-old joseph robertson was found in his montclair home yesterday morning. investigators say they will wait to formally classify the case until autopsy results are released next week. a coast guard helicopter search is launched after a 40- foot vessel crashes into a break wall. it happened off the city of alameda this morning. investigators arrested a woman they say was drunk when she
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wrecked the stolen boat. she then told officers another woman was on board. no one was found in that search. police believe the second woman fled on foot. students getting sick across the bay area. 2012 has been a big year for the norovirus. now the virus is quickly spreading among east bay children. christin ayers shows us the staggering number of illnesses at local schools. christin. reporter: elizabeth, it's not just schools. this year, contra costa county public health officials are telling me that it has been a remarkable year in this regard. they say last year there were just five cases at norovirus at care facilities. this year, already 25 of those cases. many reports are coming from contra costa schools, as well. officials say sick calls skyrocketed at several schools throughout the month of february. notes went home to parents warning them about norovirus which can cause diahrrea and vomiting and can be particularly dangerous for
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young people and the elderly. altogether there have been 54 reported cases of the virus in the knightsen school district half the student population was out sick and in the oakley school district around 10% of the students in the last few weeks. contra costa isn't only district to be hit. in early february about 350 students and teachers at saint ignatius prep in san francisco got violently ill with norovirus. the school had to be sanitized and contra costa school officials say they are taking the same precautions. the good news is that these numbers seem to be declining this week so they are receiving fewer reports at this time. they are still saying and continuing to say that the best way to protect yourself from norovirus is by washing your hands. live in martinez, christin ayers, cbs 5. to campaign 2012. newt gingrich will be among the republicans gathering in the bay area this weekend. the state gop spring convention
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starts tonight in burlingame. juliette goodrich on what the republicans hope to accomplish as california looms larger in this year's election. jules. >> reporter: hi, elizabeth. newt gingrich is the only presidential hopeful expected to address this gathering. the gop convention here in burlingame kicking off this three-day weekend and their main goal, their main focus, attract new voters. the focus of this spring gop convention expand the party's support statewide. the republican chairman says california will be a big player this election. >> if the presidential candidates haven't decided it on super tuesday and there's a split decision, it looks like there's going to be, then california's right there staring in front of them. >> reporter: he says republicans are focusing on young voters asian-americans and latinos, especially this weekend. >> training, recruiting and funding latino candidates to run for office. >> reporter: only 30% of californians are registered republicans. and few have the name
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recognition or financial clout to run statewide. the party's last two big name candidates former governor schwarzenegger was not invited and gubernatorial candidate meg whitman won't be attending. so is the party united or divided? >> there's always going to be contention. there's always goes to be a difference of opinion but when we finally get to the nominee that's going to be working toward getting barack obama out of the white house i'm sure we're going to be foursquare whoever our standard-bearer is going to be. >> reporter: california's 172 delegates are 15% of the delegates needed to claim the republican nomination. diana goodbury is one of them. >> for me the debates have been bickering back and forth and to me, it's just a time wasting so i really want to know exactly what they're going to do. i want a candidate that's going to stand up, not back down, and fight for the party. >> reporter: this weekend's convention will have a number of town halls focusing on that latino vote and also educating new voters and reaching out to them.
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elizabeth, they say they are going to try to stay away from divisive social issues such as abortion and also such as gay marriage. they are going to try to stick to economy and positive issues for the gop. >> all right. juliette in burlingame, thanks. the two leading gop contenders mitt romney and rick santorum will not be in burlingame this weekend. they are both campaigning in michigan ahead of tuesday's primary. romney is facing a tough challenge in his home state as san torn's popularity continues to urge is the ron paul goes to michigan tomorrow. still ahead, putting the brakes on fast food drive throughs. why a south bay city is suddenly cracking down. plus, foot frenzy. riot police called to shoe stores across the country. the show that caused all the chaos. and baby planning professionals. the new trend that has moms-to- be paying up for expert advice. ,,,,
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seven women and children wee
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among the first to be medicl a breakthrough today for humanitarian groups in syria. seven women and children were among the first to be medically evacuated from the city of homs. the international red cross is desperately trying to convince the syrian government to allow more aid into the city. western and arab leaders met in tunisia to increase pressure on president assad. more on the crisis on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." $5 gasoline is now a reality for some drivers in california. this is a gas station in downtown l.a. a gallon of regular costs about $5.10. california gas prices are up 2 cents in just the past week -- 23 cents in the past week. a gallon of regular averages $4.24 in san francisco. it's 4.20 in oakland and 4.21 in san jose. a south bay city is slamming the brakes on any more drive-through restaurants. the ban would apply to one of
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the area's busiest streets. len ramirez on why mountain view is talking about a crackdown. len. >> reporter: there is a trend to move in this direction. some cities in california have already moved in the direction of banning any new fast food or other kind of drive-through businesses including san luis obispo. now mountain view wants to join the list and ban anything drive- through. >> number 4 with no onions. >> reporter: the drive-through restaurant. >> get in get out, get home. >> reporter: it's been called a uniquely american tradition. >> i go to drive-through like every other night. >> reporter: its days may be numbered in mountain view. the city council is taking up a proposal to ban any new drive- through businesses from setting up shop although existing drive throughs would be allowed to stay open. >> neighborhoods have complained about the noise, about the traffic, about the pollution. >> reporter: jack say member of the mountain view city council says the proposal would extend to drive-through banks an pharmacies. >> you're basically sitting in
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line getting zero miles per gallon while you're waiting to pink your burger or order or whatever you're ordering there. so it is not very green or friendly that way. >> reporter: studies show mixed results on how much extra pollution is caused by drive- lose it. one study says the stopping and starting of engines from walk- in customers an parking lot congestion was even worse than drive-through idling. >> maybe they should ban everybody except for electric cars. >> reporter: these mountain view high-tech workers say the city should synchronize traffic lights better. >> improving the flow of track saves significantly more than just banning -- i don't know, maybe handful or maybe dozen of places. >> i ordered two burger and fries. >> reporter: and people driving through in n and out burger say they would be losing out on a freedom of choice. >> bad idea because this is a convenience. when i don't look i don't want to go inside. >> reporter: this proposal is currently under review by the city's environmental planning commission. after that it will be scheduled to be taken up by the council
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in the next couple of weeks. live in mountain view, len lens cbs 5. mall madness. the shoe that's causing mayhem at malls across the country forcing police in riot gear to respond. plus, on, aren't just a boost to your immune system. how citrus fruits can help prevent stroke. and take the labor out of planning for baby. the new trend that has parents- to-be turning to the pros. ,,
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these days. don ford cars that don't need that expensive gas are looking a little more appealing these days. don ford crunches the numbers to find out how much cheaper it will be to drive electric cars. >> reporter: gas prices going up and up. this week alone, gas went up 12 cents a gallon. here in san francisco, a gallon of regular already costs $4.43. and this summer, it's expected to go even higher. mike from san francisco only had 20 bucks. >> just enough to get home. >> reporter: joleen hanson had a little more. >> i spent maybe 50, 60 bucks a tank. >> reporter: matthew's family
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is having to make some decisions. >> got back on my gasoline. my food or house or my daughter's education. you know? it's ridiculous. >> reporter: not everyone is feeling the gasoline crunch. >> i have not put gas in since august of last year. >> reporter: kevin owns an electric leaf. it runs on batteries 100% of the time. over a one-year span the typical electric car will cost about $600 to keep charged compared to the average car that will cost nearly $2,200 in gas. want something a little more exciting than a leaf? try the tesla. >> never go to the gas station unless you want a soda. >> reporter: with a range of 300 miles and an operating cost of around $40 a monday, the tesla roadster is sold out. but the cost is a lot more than the leaf. but let's get real. if you can afford a $100,000 for an electric car, i'll bet you, you can afford the gas,
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too. in menlo park, don ford, cbs 5. a stampede, riot and even fights broke out at malls across america today. the frenzy was caused by new nike shoes that went on sale today. hundreds rushed to this store in tampa, florida. two people were arrested. there were long lines. nike plus glows in the dark with apps to gauge your workouts and costs $220. there are also pairs on ebay for $1,000. wow. having a baby? no need to call on friends or family. there are now paid experts to advise mothers-to-be. on the consumerwatch, julie watts tells us what maternity concierges or baby planners are all about. >> i'm very excited. >> reporter: amy is just months away from having her first baby. and she is certainly overwhelmed. >> as soon as you share the good news, you are inundated with e-mails and phone calls and text messages with people giving you advice about what you should do, what you should
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eat, what you shouldn't eat. >> reporter: but she says there is one piece of advice that really came in handy. >> i was talking to a coworker and she mentioned a baby planner. >> reporter: a baby planner, similar to a wedding planner that guides you through the pregnancy, everything from registry, breast-feeding and postpartum. >> we are there to educate the parent because there are so many different choices. >> reporter: emily schaefer is a certified baby planner and while she has been working with newborns for over 18 years, baby planning is a niche market that's popped up over the past 3. >> very much becoming a necessity. >> reporter: she says more working mothers like amy have less time to properly plan for babies. so they are turning to her for personalized plans to fit their lifestyle, needs and budgets. but she says before you bring just anyone into your home, you should check for certification. >> when you hire someone that is certified, you're guaranteed that they have gone through a pretty intensive certification
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process. >> reporter: she says about 75% of her business comes from new parents who pay about $95 per consultation or $500 to $2,500 for customized packages. and for amy, it's a small price to pay for a little peace of mind. >> this is just a way to make my pregnancy easier and it's easy transition from being not a parent to becoming a parent. >> now, like yoga, health and fitness instructors, baby planners are not regulate but you should make sure they are certified. so far the international maternity institute is the only organization offering a baby planner certification. >> are these baby planners are they going to know any more than say mom your older sister maybe a friend that had a baby? >> keep in mind this is their career so a good baby planner should be keeping track and researching any recalls. they will help you find the best prices because they are shopping for baby stuff for a
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living. >> thank you. the wildfire burning in napa county is still only 50% contained tonight. it's been burning along the soda canyon road near the silverado trail since noon yesterday. cal fire says 200 acres have burned. homes are no longer threatened. calmer winds today are helping firefighters douse those hotspots. it's believed a wind gust caused acontrolled burn to get out of hand. roberta, the weather so far has been gorgeous today. another beautiful day but i don't know about you. it's all of a sudden my allergies just woke up. >> i was one of those people who developed allergies as an adult, as well. why don't we get straight to that for you. let's check the pollen count on this friday and looking ahead towards the weekend. if you suffer from allergies it's the alder, ash and juniper county on the high side. it's live, it's our cbs 5 weather camera. this is mount vaca. look at the distance due west. you can see sutro tower on the horizon. great visibility but we have some haze developing now and
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also some areas patchy fog just outside the gate. currently we are still sitting at 70 degrees in oakland and also in san jose. this after much of the bay area experienced unseasonably warm temperatures today in fact look north of the golden gate bridge and we see numbers around 76 degrees about everywhere. it was 77 in livermore. three straight days in a row with records in the bay area. 76 in redwood city. 10 degrees above average in san jose. dropping to 43 degrees tonight. mid-30s common to the north but will be colder tonight than it has been for the past couple evenings. temperatures still into the 40s around the coast and bayside. tonight areas of fog developing. we will experience some cooler temperatures overnight so get out that extra blankets. patchy fog tomorrow morning and then you're going to feel the difference. cooler and breezy saturday all the way through sunday. it's an unsettled weather pattern as a ridge of high pressure -- look at the clouds begin to collapse the ridge of high pressure as it gradually
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sinks to the south. area of low pressure just the tail end is going to scrape by the bay area this weekend leaving us with partly to mostly cloudy conditions by sun. statewide if you are traveling 61 degrees at the state capital, 50s in monterey, 46 in the high sierra but there is a good chance of snow by monday. your highs coming down by 17 degrees in many neighborhoods. 62 in san jose. remember, right now it's already 70. 63 in livermore. down from 77 degrees. at least 17 degrees cooler in san rafael in the upper 50s and the winds blowing up to 20 miles an hour. there is the extended forecast. we are in and out of the clouds daily chances of rain anywhere from monday all the way through friday. so if you are heading to the high sierra it's dry this weekend but by monday a 50/50 chance of snow developing in heavenly valley and the north
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side at northstar a chance of snow so carry the chains. bring it on. here's hoping. >> it will help the allergies too. >> clean it all out. chicken little was right all along. scientists say the sky really is falling. they say over the past decade they say the height of clouds has declined about 1% or 30 to 40 meters. nasa collected the data from space. scientists aren't sure what's causing the trend but they say lower clouds could help cool the earth and offset some warming caused by greenhouse gases. major heart surgery without major risk. how surgeons are using the leg to help repair the heart. that's next.
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anyone who grows things for a living will tell ya... a plant is only as good as the soil you put it in. look, both these potted plants got the same sun. same water. only difference? this. miracle-gro potting mix. rich organic ingredients with miracle-gro plant food mixed right in. it even feeds plants for six straight months.
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want this result? gotta start with this soil. miracle-gro potting mix. success starts with the soil. resear women may want too seriously consider eating more citrus to prevent stroke. researchers believe anti- oxidants known as flavonoids
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improve blood vessel function and reduce inflammation. they are found in fruit such as oranges, lemon and grapefruit. studies show women who ate the most had 19% lower risk of stroke than women who didn't even as much. in new york, doctors have successfully replaced a heart valve without major surgery. major invasive surgery that is. it's only the second time the procedure has been done. dr. kim reports. >> so how are you feeling? >> reporter: she was feeling weak. a valve in her heart was failing. >> i couldn't work. i couldn't breathe. >> reporter: she had had open- heart surgery once before. another major operation at 76 years old would have been dangerous. >> the operation would have been a high risk for this patient and the idea was to do something less invasive, actually quite minimally invasive. >> reporter: so without cutting through her chest surgeons used a catheter basically a long wire to maneuver a new valve to
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her heart through the vein in her leg. >> the valve enters from the groin across the wall in the heart to its destination and stabilized by another wire that goes out the tip of the heart. >> reporter: the fda approved the use of this valve two years ago but this is only the second time in the u.s. it's been used to replace a mitral valve. her son was relieved surgeons found another way to treat his mother. >> this was the safest and they had a lot of faith in what they were doing. >> today i feel great. >> reporter: just a few weeks after surgery, mrs. ferrari is breathing easier. again. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5, healthwatch. heartbreaking pictures from syria today as the u.s. and more than 60 other countries try to save the rebels there. plus why gas prices are breaking records. that's tonight on the cbs evening news. ,,,,
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i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. dolphin stampede by the thousands. what got them whipped into a frenzy off the california coast. there is no risk to the fetus. a simple blood drop on your arm. >> some doctors call it a genetic revolution. the new kind of pregnancy test that identifies birth defects earlier than evidence and why it has become a hot button issue on the campaign trail. we'll have that and much more at 6:00. >> "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is


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